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When you move to a new city, there's always a lot that you need to do. It can sometimes take a while for utilities to be activated. It's a good idea to scout ahead and contact your new utility providers to see how you should best go about getting your utilities set up.

You might need to show proof of address before you are allowed to set up your utilities. You might also need a picture id as well. If you are already established in your home, the information below can also help you if there are any problems with your service. If you are moving within the city, you might have to just contact your current provider to transfer service to your new location. Also, some providers only service parts of the city. Know if you are leaving their coverage area and how that will affect you.

In addition, if you are planning to do any construction on your property or dig in your yard, you should contact you local utility companies. This is to make sure you don't dig in to any underground wires or plumbing. You could not only seriously hurt yourself, but also cause a major problem with utility service in your area. This is a smart and safe way to make sure that you don't do anything foolish while making improvements to your land.
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The following is contact information for various utility companies, city services, cable and satellite providers, and waste management services in the city of Chicago. Use this list to ease your transition into the city. This can also help you if you need to contact any of these utilities that currently service your home.

Cable/Satellite Service

AT&T At Home: 866/594-1234
Dish Network: 800/333-DISH
RCN: 888/790-2121

Chicago Fire Department

10 W. 35th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616
Telephone: 911 (Emergency)
Telephone: 312-745-3705 (Non-emergency)

Electric Service

Customer Care Center
P.O. Box 805379
Chicago, IL 60680-5379
Customer service inquiries call: 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661)
Electric emergency call: 1-800-EDISON-1 (1-800-334-7661)

Dead Tree Removal

Tree removal requests should be made by calling 311

Gas Service

People Gas: 312-240-7000

Local Telephone Service

Ameritech: 800-244-4444 (Inside Illinois)
Ameritech: 800-432-0015 (Outside Illinois)
AT&T: 888-709-6098, ext. 20416
MCI: 800-950-5555
RCN: 888-790-2121

Long Distance Telephone Service

AT&T: 800-222-0300
MCI: 800-950-5555
Sprint: 800-877-4646
RCN: 888-790-2121

Medical Waste Solutions


Pollution Control

4343 Kennedy Avenue
East Chicago, IN 46312

Recycling Services

3301 W. 47th Place
Chicago, IL 60632

Waste Control

A & R Hauling
Chicago, IL

All Time Wrecking & Hauling
5247 W Lake St
Chicago, IL

Britt Disposal Service
221 N Washtenaw Ave
Chicago, IL

Chicago Disposal Service
2608 S Damen Ave
Chicago, IL

Frank's Haulers
3317 W George St
Chicago, IL

Ravenswood Disposal Service
773-761-1411 ext. 221
N Washtenaw Ave
Chicago, IL

Tyme's Hauling
Chicago, IL

We-Haul Inc
773-493-4285 ext. 620
S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL

Water in Chicago

Call 311 For Non-Emergency City Services
Water in the street or basement call 312-744-7038 or 311
Questions about your water bill call 312-747-9090

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